Monday, February 2, 2009

Day By Day

Hi all--it's me, Jacquelyn. I realize that it might be confusing as to who is authoring each blog note since they are all "posted by Jacquelyn". But that is because I initially set up the page. Most of the quite elegant writing has been done by my poetic husband.

Today is the first day of Franco starting back at work full time. We had mixed emotions about it--while I/he/Ana and Noah have loved having him home over the past 2 months, it is such a blessing that he is well enough to return. Franco has just finished his first cycle of chemotherapy (3 doses, one per week)--and as he reported a few weeks ago, the only real side effect that he has experienced thus far is fatigue for a day or two after his dose. He has been given a very potent anti-nausea medication prior to each dose, which seems to be very effective in his case. He has this week off from chemo and then will start another cycle of 3 doses beginning next week. His blood levels (i.e. white blood cells, platelets, etc.) are good and if that continues, he will probably have a 3rd cycle of chemotherapy alone before he switches to a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.

If you've been keeping up with the blog, you know how amazingly positive and strong Franco's words are--and I just want to confirm that his actions and way of life match those words. For those of you that know Franco fairly well--you know that this experience hasn't caused Franco to become a different person. I find myself in awe sometimes at how in touch he is with his inner self and how in tune he is with his body. But he has become a little more focused and driven to take care of himself, so that he in turn can take care of his family and all those that he loves.

For me, I have been managing (as I titled this note) day by day. Because I honestly feel that there is no better way. I've read and researched to be informed, but I do believe that ultimately our lives are in God's hands. That which I have control over I try to take care of, and the rest is faith in God that He will enable the best possible outcome. I do admit that I treasure each day more--based on a tougher lesson than I expected to have to live through. But really, I already should have been doing that because who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Each night before we go to sleep, Franco and I take a few moments to thank God for how blessed our lives are. There are so many thoughtful and loving people around us that make it so--thanks to all of you for your continued prayers, support and love. One place that has been especially warm for us during these cold days is in the arms of our church family. They continue to be a light in our journey. We couldn't be happier to have found such a wonderful place to "see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly, day by day".

Love to you all,


heidi said...

Hi Jacquelyn Franco and kids

We love to read your blog, and dont mind who writes it, we wish Franco all the best in his journey to beat his Cancer. Every family has ups and downs, we feel very fortunate to keep up with your blog. Like you said Jacquelyn, take day by day and believe in GOD.

All the best to your Family

Heidi and family

Gina57 said...

You are both amazing people...Your love for each other, your children, God and life seems to put everything in place. Life is day by day for each of us and one dones not know what tomorrow will bring.

Live and love as each minute takes us to the next.

Peace g