Friday, January 16, 2009

"Yes You Can, Sir" Cream

"Step right up! Everyone's a winner, bargains galore!" **
Available now - and not necessarily for a limited time - is a product that, when applied conscientiously, can truly change your life.

This unique remedy can:
v Make each day uniquely precious and glorious
v Incite you to tell those you most treasure how much you love them
v Help repair your frayed relationship w/God
v Re-establish the primary importance of our relationships above all other pursuits (wealth/material items, status, prideful achievements, etc.)
v Intensify the compassion in your heart for those suffering
v Eliminate (suddenly) petty arguments w/significant others
v Inspire thinking outside of most typical boxes

Finally - amazingly, it can be applied liberally to re-align perspectives towards a nation's ills as well.

Its' benefits come to many under duress, but the positive effects are obtainable at any time, by choice at a reduced cost.
It operates on a mechanism similar to vaccines – a small does of a malady rallies the restorative reaction in our bodies and minds.
If you could experience the profound positives of this "product" without any life-threatening side effects, would you?


I jest, of course. Kinda. Thankfully, or sadly – it is often the challenges that come to us that most effectively realign our priorities. Meanwhile, there are many self-evident truths that we know in our hearts, and yet manage to ignore in our daily lives. These truths are those listed above – a recognition of what is really important in our lives. The threat or reality of significant loss in one's life forces these truths to the forefront – to a place so in your face that they can't be discounted.

If only we could remember that which we know without having a traumatic reminder.
In the very moment that mortality (yours or that of a loved one) re-presents itself to you, all of the truths that we'd rather avoid come rushing back. And…although painful, it is not an altogether bad thing. In fact, as I have reacquainted myself with these difficult and beautiful truths, vivid colors have returned to the palette of my life. Suddenly, a vibrancy that I hadn't realized that I'd been missing returned.

** see Tom Waites' excellent & hilarious song, "Small Change"


And just a few follow-up notes….

I had my first dose of chemo last Thursday (1/15). It went very well. The actual delivery of the drug took about 30 minutes and the entire time in the doctor's office (from initial blood work, hook-up, etc.) was less than 1.5 hours. Fatigue was the main side effect both yesterday and today. It has been less than 36 hours since I received my first treatment, but so far so good. I pray that my body will continue to respond as well.

I neglected to explicitly mention "my angels" – as I call all of you praying for my good health and recovery – when I spoke of the three-pronged partnership of God, medicine and me/Jacquelyn in my last entry. To be honest, it was much less an oversight than an attitude. You see, I count you all under the "God" category - sent by God to offer us love and support, the embodiment of compassion and caring. In the same way, you are with me every moment of the day. Thanks.

And lastly, I want to clarify a misconception (pun intended) that has come up recently. Jacquelyn is not pregnant. I am not sure exactly what either of us has written along the way to indicate that she is but a couple of folks have asked the question. We are extremely content with our two. What more could we want?

Stay warm all.


heidi said...

Dear Franco Jaqueline and your lovely kids:)

We are glad the chemo went okay and we are praying your body will responde to it all the way. Life is full of changes all the times, every day we hope the day will be a good one for you and your family, hope you need to have to believe you will be okay.
Keep positive and everything will be okay.

All the best to you and family

Heidi & family

Dino said...

Dear Franco,
Thank you for the lovely and inspirational words. Keep up the good fight!
Dino and Chris

annmarie said...

Hey Franco

Thanks for the latest update. I will continue to pray for your steady progress and recovery.

So bummed that we didn't talk last week but I was so fortunate to catch Jacqueline at quiet moment -- kiddies sleeping and you out walking:)

I'll make a visit to St. Pat's again tomorrow to pray for you during this next step.

Stay strong!!


megalli said...

Thank Goodness the chemo went well. Re. the rumor about Jaquelyn being pregnant, I have to say I thought that earlier on for a moment when she mentioned "three kids" only to realize that Franco was one of hers.