Friday, December 12, 2008

Recovering Remarkably

It has been nearly a whole work week since I got home and my body has certainly been on the job and accomplishing much it seems.
I am pleasantly surprised (again) with my system's response to the introduction of food, tolerating everything I've tossed down. I have a good appetite and all of the plumbing seems to be functioning well. I try to eat often with smaller portions. Having said all that, I am still about 13 pounds below my "fighting weight"- which is where I have been, more or less, since my return home.
I am in discomfort moving around but it is getting easier daily. I can go up and down our stairs and am able to interact with the kids more and more. On Sunday, picking up more than 2 books was a challenge; a gallon of milk was beyond me. Both are doable now.
My pain is being managed beautifully by a Fentanyl patch.
Jacquelyn, Ana and Noah appreciate that I've been able to shower a couple of times.
I've had a nurse visit three times this week to check on my wounds and change my dressing. I still have a capped feeding tube port – just in case I should need it because my GI system stops cooperating. I also have a drain port on my pancreas. The amount collecting in my reservoir has decreased significantly meaning that my system is tightening up (i.e., less leakage).
Sleep is my weak link. I can only get about 5-6 hours in each night somehow. I try to make up the rest in an afternoon nap. I don't know if that's enough – seems like I'd need more – but it doesn't seem to be inhibiting my recovery too much so far.
The kids are respecting papa's boo-boo by not playing too rough around me and expressing their love more gingerly. Okay…so they are not "listening" any better, but I can't expect a little surgery to solve the independent streaks of two two-year olds.
My Jacquelyn is doing well – managing her third baby with incredible patience. She is an amazing nurse, wife and mother. I know that those of you that know her are not surprised.
There's still a long way to go for us – but so far, so great! I know that the Lord is still with us every gentle step of the way, clearing obstacles.
Your continued thoughts and prayers are making it easier for us and appreciated immensely.
May God bless each of you as he has blessed us.


Dino said...

The title says it all! This is great news Franco. We are praying the recovery continues to be remarkable. Have a great weekend.

Dino, Chris, Marissa, Olivia and Christopher

AllenY said...

Cheers to more good news!

Anonymous said...

oh what i would give for 5 to 6 consecutive hours of sleep! this new mom thinks that sounds heavenly!

it was wonderful to speak with you today. your remarkable attitude should also be noted. everyone is thrilled you are feeling as best you can. much much love. amber and family

Marie said...

Franco, who knew you were so elegantly verbose. We're thrilled to hear that you are having such a marvelous recovery. Hang in there with the "discomfort." Our prayers are still coming at you all. Thanks for blogging. It's a great way for us to keep up without having to bother you. God bless.

Ed said...

Great talking to you on the weekend. All the best as always. New baby Julian is also sending his love your way.

Ed, Nada, Alexandra and Julian.

annmarie said...

Hey Franco -
So happy to hear about your continued fantastic recovery! I love the blog updates about you, Jacquelyn,and the have truly made lemonade!

You are all in my thoughts often and I look forward to our next Jasper'll be that much more special:)

Please continue to keep us posted on your progess.

Love AnnMarie