Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back Home! The Tools of a Lovely Recovery

And on the 7th day – just one week after lighting the first Advent candle, that of hope, in church - the kid comes back home to rest!
I believe that a miraculous combination of the astounding wonder and power of medicine, the human body and God that have allowed this to be so.
Maybe it's my inspirational aspirator (my preferred name for the incentive spirometer that I use hourly to keep my lungs clear and exercised) – or - my well-performing Jay-Z grenade (my pet name for my Jackson-Pratt reservoir that collects pancreatic fluid from my right side) – or the steady epidural (and now patch-provided) stream of Fentanyl that has effectively kept the edge off of my pain since the surgery, but…
I am doing remarkably well with my recovery.
The original – likely conservative and more typical – 7-10 day estimate became 7 days with my release today (Sunday, 12/7).
I have been lucid virtually throughout – including some cool dreams of being chased from soccer games by tiny crocodiles through tiki bar settings in the backyards of Queens.
I was walking around on Day 2, up to three laps around the hospital floor and feeding the intestines via a tube on Day 3, had an uncomfortable nose (ng) tube pulled and a precious kids visit on Day 4, off the epidural and urine catheter and onto clear liquids on Day 5 (Friday) and taking in solids with more kids time on Day 6.
I am very tired but otherwise very good. I can walk around gingerly. It is looking like the recliner is going to be my best friend for the next several weeks.
The kids are taking it all in stride and are expressing their love by laying their heads on my thighs and kissing my hands. Their pure and positive energy will dramatically help their Papa get better after his time at the "doctors".
I've truly been continuously blessed by God every day and step of the way.
Thank you all for helping it to be so with your thoughts, prayers, calls and visits.
With much love…


Anonymous said...

welcome home! it's wonderful to hear the news of your speedy progression. you are much loved. we are thrilled to hear you're back to where your family can all be together and thrive on the energy of the love you share.
amber billy brady and jersey

Graciela Duras said...

My dear Franco, Jacquelyn, Ana & Noah, I am so happy that you are home with your dear family. This is the best medicine that you can get for a speedy recovery. Now take it easy relax and enjoy every minute. If I could help you gays, with any think, please let me know it would be my pleasure. God bless you all, love you Graciela & family.

Jessica said...

WELCOME HOME!! great news Franco - you have been in our constant thoughts. Embrace the love!
Jessica, Jeremy, and Michael

AllenY said...

Hmmm, got any dvd's or tivo you need to catch up on? I know you've always wanted to learn how to knit. Well, now's the time. Balance you rest with your exercise. We're all happy to hear the good news. Good job.

annmarie said...

You never stop impressing and inspiring! Fantastic news!! You have now crossed the Verranzano and you are well in the thick of the ethically diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn...take it slow and enjoy the longest boro-leg of the race..with Jacquelyn and the little angels, I know you will enjoy:) Go Franco, Go!!

Jennie said...

Ahh...Home Sweet Home...there is nothing like it. So glad to hear things are going so smoothly. 7 days and you are home---you are a rock star! What are you going to tell us next, that you will be training for a marathon in a couple of months?! I wouldn't be surprised at all! Love you Franco! Take care....hugs and kisses to you all.
Love, Jennie, Kevin and James
P.S. Vitorio and Silvana send their very best and Vitorio says to have a glass of wine (the homemade stuff, of course)it is sure to speed up the recovery process!

Kathleen said...

We are so happy to hear this news!
Home is where the heart is...
Oh there's no place like home for the holidays....
Country roads take me home... to the place.. i belong!
Ok, I digress...
Welcome Home Franco!!
Love you, Kathleen, Ralph and Hunter

Ana said...

So glad to hear that you are home. Relax and let the medicine of family and friends take care of you.

Much love
Ana, Scott, Jack and Emma

Stan and Nancy said...

Welcome home and great job!! We so glad that you are doing so well. Keep on moving, Franco, and enjoy home and family.

Love to all,

Stanley, Nancy, Becca,Brendan, Francesca, and little Mark Daniel

Ed said...

Franco & Jacquelyn,

We all send our best. My parents also send their best to you, your family and your folks.

Ed, Nada & Alexandra.

Charlie Patzelt said...

Welcome Home! The most powerful medicine is love and it sounds like you have plenty of it. Good luck and God bless.