Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Half Time Perspective

I can't even begin to deny that it feels to me like I am being handed a bum hand here. (Only as far as the cancer is concerned, right now – certainly not in my life in general.)
There isn't much for me to feel "in control" about in this situation. It feels like this is all happening to me.
Yet one clear element of control that I do have is my perspective on what is happening to me. It is the choice between a glass half-full or half-empty perspective. There is really not much I can do except roll w/it.
There are so many lessons in this experience. Reminders really – things that we all know deep down but all-too-often forget.
When it comes to perspective, my friend Matt summarized it well on our walk to Church on Sunday. He can easily dwell on the loss of his son Kai at the far too-young age of 10 – on the inherent injustice of that, of what was taken from him. Alternately, rather than allow himself to be paralyzed by that perspective, he chooses (now) to celebrate all that Kai's time on Earth brought him – the gifts and what to do with it all now that Kai is gone.
I face a similar choice - to be empowered, to take some semblance of control or to fester in the negativity and go away quietly.
I see this experience as a wake-up call – albeit rude. Apparently God has been trying to get my attention otherwise and I haven't been listening. So, he's had to resort to more extreme measures.
I prefer to look at it this way…it as if I have lived the first 42 years of my life and am now going into the locker room for halftime. "The Coach" is going to chew me out a bit and there is going to be a course adjustment, a change in game plan for the second half. I have been given special gifts that I have not applied to anywhere near maximum effect thus far. I believe that the Good Lord has shown His light on me throughout this ordeal. How can I respond by continuing to hide my own light under a basket? I see it as if I am coming back out onto the field for the next 42 (I hope) years w/a different strategy. It all came from Him to begin with - He's just asking me to give a little more back.


Jacquelyn said...

Life is coming full circle for me--where I need to bring back several of my roles from high school. Specifically, I was awarded "most optimistic" during my senior year. Our glass is certainly half full! With the help of our families, friends and our Lord--we will continue to celebrate all the we have and all things wonderful still to come. Additionally, I was captain of both the JV and Varsity Cheerleading Squads. I'm cheering loud for my Franco during this halftime in our lives--Go, Fight, Win! Please join me in this cheer for life, love and happiness.

Shuba said...

Franco - I applaud your spirits, and that of your family's! My thoughts & prayers go out to you.
I sent you an email (to Merck address) about 'Pranic Healing'. If you can't get to it sooner, read this http://www.pranichealingusa.com/ for a CBS video coverage. I strongly believe in this, and feel there is no harm in trying it out, or at least in talking to a certified pranic healer. I believe this will be a positive step towards your well-being! Please don't discount it without reading it fully.
More info: http://www.pranichealing.org/testimonials/t_pranichealing.htm

Let me know if you want to know more, I will give you contact info of a senior, certified pranic healer.
I pray for your wellness & well-being.

Trudy said...

Jacquelyn, I have admired your spirit and optimism over the years. You and Franco both have such positive attitudes at a time when no one would think less of you for looking at that half-empty glass. Prayers of friends and family have such power - and together, we can help fill Franco's and your glasses. Trudy

joe said...

Franco & Jacquelyn,

All the crew from Delasalle has you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep positive you will win and we celebrate by doing St. Baldrick's next year.


Lisa and Stephen said...

Franco and Jacquelyn: Just want to wish you all the best on Monday (assuming you've decided to go with the NJ surgeon). Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all day. Love, Lisa and Stephen

annmarie said...

Franco and Jacquelyn -
You are both in my thoughts on this Sunday morning before your surgery tomorrow or later this week. God's speed and strength be with you both! I--another retired cheerleader like Jacquelyn--am shouting loud for you all!!

Go get em champ!!

James said...
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newellstuff said...

Franco & Jax,
Tomorrow the ugly stuff comes out and the beautiful space will be filled with more love, smiles and sunshine than you could have ever imagined!
We are sending our strongest loving prayers your way that it all goes exceptionally well.
Can't wait till it's over and we come down to crash a celebratory service in Highland Park! I'll bring the Prosecco this time!
We're cheering with you Jax!!
Remember - you need a babysitter who knows twins, who ya gonna call? (okay, Maria, but who ya gonna call next?)
xo, lizzy & jim